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History of Main Street

Main Street United Methodist Church's congregation of today traces its history over nearly 180 years to the first few families who gathered for study and worship in the log church built about 1824 on the present Ohio Street. church1833
church1874 In 1874, the congregation moved to the present location at Main and Church Streets. The building we know today was built in three phases:
Education Unit with Fellowship Hall and kitchen in 1947-50 Sanctuary with additional classrooms and offices in 1957-58 church1957
church2007 Upgrades to interior and exterior that included an elevator and an additional bathroom in 2007-2008.

Currently, average Sunday morning attendence is about 230. Main Street United Methodist church is a family, a community of faith, ministering to one another and to the community. Together we are a church.

Main Street United Methodist Church • • 601 West Main Street • •Waynesboro, VA • • Phone: 540-942-1179
Email: mymsumc@ntelos.net


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