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Main Street Staff and Leaders

The church is blessed to have a spirit-filled, talented church staff.
  •    Pastor, Linda Kusse-Wolfe
  •    Pastor Emeritus, Reverend Bill Mayton
  •    Certified Lay Minister, Harold Baldwin
  •    Children's Director, Amanda Hesbach
  •    Youth Director,Amanda Hesbach,Interm
  •    Choral Director, Donald Coffey (Don)
  •    Organist, Orville Bame
  •    Handbell Choir Director, Don Dollins
  •    Children's Choir Director, Dawn Lemasney
  •    Youth Choir Director, Dawn Lemasney
  •    Main Street Preschool Director, Anne Ramsey
  •    Administrative Assistant, Debbie Richardson
  •    Administrative Assistant, Kathy Vint
  •    Nursery Supervisor, Julie Conner
  •    Nursery Assistant, Karen Jackson
  •    Staunton District Superintendent, Reverend Dave Rochford
  •    Resident Bishop, Richmond Area, Bishop Sharma Lewis
Church Leadership 2017
Church Council Minutes
Board of Trustee Minutes

Main Street United Methodist Church • • 601 West Main Street • •Waynesboro, VA • • Phone: 540-942-1179
Email: mymsumc@ntelos.net


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